51 Downing Street, Smethwick, Birmingham B66 2PP


Is Mi Glass short for Midland Glass?

Yes, Mi Glass is short for Midland Glass. We are proud to be based in the Midlands, and it has always been part of our brand. We shortened the name to reflect that we supply nationally and internationally....


What is glass bonding?

There are several ways to bond glass, including using an adhesive, heat, or pressure. Glass bonding is often used in windows and doors, as well as in glassware and other objects. It can also be used to repair damaged glass objects. Glass bonding is a...


What bonds hold glass together?

Glass bonding is the process of fusing two or more pieces of glass together. This is done by heating the glass to its melting point, which causes it to become liquid. The glasses are then brought together and pressed together until they cool and form...


What types of Glass do you manufacture?

We are proud to have working partnerships with all the major flat glass manufacturers and able offer products from all raw material types including.     Clear Float 1.6mm – 19mm Low Iron 4mm – 19mm Body tints Green/Grey/Bronze 3mm – 10mm Clear Mirror 3mm – 6mm ...


What uses do you manufacture glass for?

As we cater for so many different industries there are all manner of uses we can manufacture our glass for.  From glass designs to create stunning interior workplaces to glass products specific to construction and agricultural machinery, the uses we can provide are endless. Our specialist...


What industries do you manufacture glass for?

As one of the largest glass manufacturers in Europe, we proudly process, manufacture and supply glass to market sectors across the world. Our markets include mainland Europe, the US and the Far East and we cater for all kinds of industries including retail, office spaces,...