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Interior design trends 2015

Interior design trends 2015

Interior design trends are mercurial, thus trying to stay ‘on-trend’ can be difficult.

Continue reading to see the current interior design trends for 2015 so far.


Many designers have recently been moving designs towards the navy blue spectrum. Indigo is quite an underestimated colour however, it complements others extremely well, especially corals, creams, greens, greys and pinks.

Indigo, along with its variations are the perfect colours to accessorise and use as focal points in interior design – whether it be the colour of a piece of furniture, a feature wall or a strip of colour inserted down your staircase.

Heavily patterned rugs

Another trend that has recently risen is adding a splattering of colour through decorative rugs, carpets and mats. The artistic trend has seen people going off-piste, which widely varies from traditional rugs that stick to one block of colour.

Irregular colours, patterns and pictures will tend to appear in the artistic rugs adding some colour and ‘fun’ into a room.
It’s a brilliant alternative to a painting or sculpture and will cost less.

Cloudy glass

Smoked or cloudy, glass was in trend during the 70s and has wriggled its way back into fashion.
A smoky glass screen adds a certain flair to any home or office; it can be used as a separator from your kitchen to your lounge etc.

It also creates a sense of mystery in your interior design, along with intimacy and intrigue many rooms could lack. Smoked glass doesn’t have to be limited to main glass fixtures (screens, windows etc.) it can be used when accessorising and in your furniture, e.g lampshades, tables, even with chairs.

Mixed metals

Mixing the metals inside your home is very on trend and has been for quite some time now.
One of the most popular combinations of mixed metals is rose gold paired with copper. Other popular pairings of mixed metals are actually integrated into home decor themselves.
Mixed metals would usually be found with lamps, frames and mirrors and can be mixed however you like, with separate items in different metals paired together or by purchasing an item that already has mixed metals in.

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