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Glass for interior design

Glass for interior design

Glass has a much more versatile use that isn’t just for covering the exterior of your building, it can also be used for interior design purposes to help brighten up rooms.

Glass has a certain elegance to it; its subtle, classic qualities knitting together beautifully with materials such as brick, concrete, wood and metal.

There is a variety of glass that can be used for interior design, such as:

Transparent glass:

This glass is available in a selection of colours: the usual clear, bronze, grey, green  and three shades of blue.
There is also a thicker version of this glass available which has a light blue tint and reflects green, distinguishing it from regular glass – this is a popular choice for furniture designers.
The thicker glass is the perfect material for an end or side table.
Laminated glass, similar to single glazing, is also available in a variety of colours which can be achieved by selecting a coloured PVB film that can be sandwiched between the glass. This method can be regularly seen with pedestrian bridges.

Patterned glass:

Patterned glass is imprinted with a certain design – the less transparent the pattern, the more privacy the glass offers. It is available as clear glass, some patterns available in bronze or yellow also.
Patterned glass is ideal for kitchen unit use.

Wired glass:

Wired glass has options of clear or coloured flat and patterned glass.
It earns the name from the metal  wire mesh that provides the glass with the raised pattern, holding the shards in place if ever the glass was broken.

Varnished glass:

One side of this particular glass would be coated with an opaque varnish, which can be from a range of colours.
This can be used as a decorative panel in your home.

Matte glass:

The glass is produced through a variety of processes, which involves total or partial sandblasting protecting an abrasive against the glass that gives it that matte finish.

Silk-screened glass:

This particular glass is toughened glass and may sometimes include an elaborate enamel print which is available to be designed by you.

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