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Laminated Glass

For increased safety and security designers and architects are increasingly turning to laminate and toughened laminate glass. The laminating process involves the bonding of panes of glass together using either EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) or PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayers to provide increased strength, sound insulation and functionality.

Mi Glass can also provide toughened laminates manufactured in-house which provide high aesthetic performance, increased moisture resistance and high adhesion ideal for balustrade panels.  We can also incorporate decorative interlayers including mesh, fabrics or cutting edge LCD switchable technology to create stunning visual effects.

Using only quality EVA interlayers our toughened laminate is the ideal choice where optical quality and high durability is required. EVA offers increased moisture resistance over traditional PVB laminate and is ideal for external applications.

Mi Glass can also offer the full range of acoustic and decorative PVB laminated glass for use in office partitioning.

Technical Specifications

  • EVA Toughened Laminates From 8.8 to 31.5mm
  • EVA Annealed Laminates From 6.8 to 31.5mm
  • PVB Laminates from 4.4 to 30.8mm
  • Maximum Size 3200 x 1800

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