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Glass Manufacturers: The beauty of glass

Glass Manufacturers: The beauty of glass

Glass Manufacturers: The beauty of glass

Glass is a beautiful medium that is compelling as it is versatile, altering the reflection of light into something else entirely.

Glass Manufacturers

Glass Manufacturers

Midland Industrial Glass is one of the leading specialist Glass processors & Glass Manufacturers in Europe.

Glass production is an intricate process, the origins of glass making tracing back to 3000BC – you can read more about the history of glass here.

An advanced medium of design and craftsmanship, long before the age of metals, glass was being manufactured from raw materials, (sand, limestone and soda ash) and melted into bowls, bottles and beads.

There came a time when the possession of glass pieces marked wealth and status among the people.

Today, the manufacture of glass is used in both general uses e.g. glass bottles, jars, frosted glass etc. and for creative purposes. For a¬†glass manufacturer, it’s a medium proposing huge potential and expression; modern studio techniques involving glass may include blowing, cast work, etching, staining and the incorporation of flame work.

But why is glass such a desirable medium?

Glass is a major part of the world we live in today, affecting the taste, sustainability, health and quality of other materials.

Glass is important for taste. Why? Because it acts as a preserve and presentation of flavour. Anything that is eating or drank out of glass packaging will have pure flavour – this is because it is the most natural and neutral packing material.

It is a great benefactor for our health as it is ‘true’. It is safe to use and re-use, and won’t stain or hold any leftover flavours. It also acts as a natural barrier, as it presents to be impervious to oxygen, preserving foods and drinks, along with all of the good stuff with them.

Its sustainability comes from the natural ingredients it is composed of; sand, limestone and soda ash. It will not break down from a result of the harmful chemicals in the ocean or in the earth, being one of the only packaging materials that can be reused and recycled.

Giving thought to it, glass is the only packaging material that the general public are inspired to collect, reuse, save and on some occasions display. This is because of the versatility of glass with its range of forms, colours and textures. It’s a memorable medium and can often be a charming, elegant display.

MiGlass are specialist glass processors and glass manufacturers, offering industrial glass and glass for display purposes.

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